“With astonishing agility and the sharp edge of terrifying humor, Lynn Kilpatrick slits the fragile skin of identity to expose a thousand marvelously dangerous possibilities.  You might be the child who disappears or the girl who becomes Miss America.  Either way, your life is precarious, held in place by your own tenuous illusions and the wild confabulations of the woman on the other side of the glass, your bold, inventive neighbor.”

~ Melanie Rae Thon, author of Sweet Hearts

In The House is a dazzlingly smart and deeply funny excavation of what goes on behind closed doors. Lynn Kilpatrick’s characters are at once utterly bizarre and entirely recognizable and the stories she tells about them in you-have-to-go-back-and-read-that-sentence-one-more-time-because-it’s-so-damn-good prose are tender and sharp and full of heart. This is a book that is brave enough to say what most of us won’t and wise enough to remind us why that kind of bravery matters.”

~Cheryl Strayed, author of Torch

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